Monday, February 23, 2009


was taken without Echa

was taken without Nadt

We're bestfriend since form 2 but,Nadt is my bestfriend since primary school..All of us are from different classes but, we have one good connection that can't explain..How we become bestfriend??One day,im stayed with my classmate at canteen.Then i saw Echa,Dayah and Ieka with their own friend.I don't know why but,suddenly we stared each other without talking.I talk to myself that someday,they all(Ieka,Dayah and Echa) will be my bestfriends.Its sound stupid right?
But,2 week later we try talk each other and hang out.I've surpised when we can share everything and open minded - fashion,music,food and all.We took a lot of picture for our memories and we wrote on tissues paper the date that we hang out.After 1 month,we're like a 5 twin that always stayed together,go to the library,shopping and we always bought the same thing like clothes,watch or pajamas with a different colour.The best part of our friendship when we will seat together if one of us have a problem and tryin' to solve the problem.Usually,we will spend time at Danga Bay or shopping complex to watch movie.
Ieka-She is a good listener,happy go lucky,polite girl,good in fashion,confident,loving
Nadt-Happy go lucky,quite sensitive,hardworking,sometime blur,caring
Dayah-Mature but quite nervous,happy go lucky,addict with account subject(A1 in SPM)
Echa-She is a quite shy,blur,hard to read her face when she have a problem,demand(+ve site)
Me-You should ask my bestfriend to describe myself
Time passed and our friendship already 10 years.Now,Ieka study in Dip.Of Hotel Management at UiTM Terengganu,Nadt took Bach.Of Accounting at UiTM Segamat,Echa further her study in Bach.Of Management while Dayah have her own PETRONAS at GELANG PATAH.How about me??I will continue my study coming soon in photography.InsyaALLAH.For our enemy...BE JEALOUS because you can't find friendship like us.We still together even we faced many problem from outsider.LOVE YOU ALL..Muaahhhh!!!


My little cousin.Arep & Hadeef

My grandma.She is a chinese

p/s: All the picture was taken without edit.


Everybody have their own hobby but,can you imagine if your partner or your family also have a weird hobby??Well...I'm one of them.What is that???Jeng!!Jeng!!Jeng!!I LOVE TO BITE...Don't be afraid because i just bite people around me.Usually my mom,Faizal,family and bestfriend will be my victim.Hehehe..that its your fault.I still remember when i bite my lecturer last 2 years.Its really fast when she make a joke with me and suddenly,i took her hand and Aouc!You bite me girl!!!.Hehehe..After that accident,she called me Miss.Bitting.

Actually,I will bite when i'm feel so excited,happy,angry or surprise.I realized its will help me to reduce my feeling but,the negative impact when people shout at my ear or they will angry with me.Opps!!!I can't help.Actually,i don't care if they feel disgusting but,the important thing is i feel satisfied.Let me share with you...I have one friend that really loves to window shopping-its weird hobby too when she feel angry with her boyfriend or frustrated.She will called me to hang out with her then,i will follow her enter all the boutique in shopping complex just to try a new clothes without buying.Can you imagine what i feel???So bored..and i feel so stupid because a sales girl will feel curious.To make its look natural and shopping..I will buy one or two clothes for myself.Moral of this story..just stay out from boutique.But,everybody is different and not perfect.I don't want to judge her because its her way to control her self and reduce her feeling.

I felt happy can wrote in my blog to share all my life,journey,hobby and everything.Life is too short dude so,just enjoy it!

Sunday, February 22, 2009


After i watched that movie,i felt so addicted with ROBERT PATTINSON aka EDWARD CULLEN.But,i can't challenge with Huda (Faizal's youngest sister) because everyday she will watch TWILIGHT's cd just because she loved of scene went EDWARD brought BELLA joins his family to played baseball.Yes!!I love the background song SUPERMASSIVE BLACK HOLE by MUSE.Actually,TWILIGHT have a sequel..NEW MOON,ECLIPSE and BREAKING DAWN.How do i know???

I search and i bought all the novel of TWILIGHT sequel from internet because its more faster even though the movie not yet show in cinema.Well...I've already finished read a TWILIGHT and NEW MOON novel.Now,i'm reading ECLIPSE where the part more exciting and makes me feel curious to finish it.I'm gonna read!!gonna read!!and gonna read!!

Coming up this summer NEW MOON thriller...Watch out!!!

Saturday, February 21, 2009


My twin already married with her boyfriend..Im gonna miss her because after this she will live in KL..Hurmmm,I pretend to be happy infront of her but,actually im so sad..I felt like one of butterfly in my life was gone and its can't change anything..

Anyway,congrats for both of you.For Iswadi,please take care of her and don't you ever2 tryin' to hurt my twin..If not,i will kick you(hihihi..just kidding) and for you my dear,be a good wife to your husband.SELAMAT PENGANTIN BARU!!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


This is some of picture at HK Disneyland from my camera.If you want to go holiday,im suggest to go holiday at HK Disneyland.Its really amazing!!!The ticket price only $350 for one-day.
I spent $1000 to bought souvenir for myself,family,Faizal and my beloved bestfriend.But,make sure you bring a lot of money or 1 dozen of maggie because cost of living in HK very expensive.1 slice cheese cake is $25!!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009


It was clear Wednesday night,March 2008 when i've decided to quit from my studied.I realized its a BIG DECISION that i ever made but, i have too..I really can't stop my illness and pretend to be happy.I also can't face all my STUPID PROBLEM in Segamat.

I cried in pain of losing my good friend.We have a lot SWEET MEMORIES together since we're Part 1.I've decided left without telling them because it could be hard to say GOODBYE.I'm SO SORRY.Thanks for everything.


I stayed in my room when my parent told me that they bought a flight ticket for me to holiday at Hong Kong in 5 days.I'm stared at my parents in shock then my mom said 'Get your clothes.We will go to JUSCO.'
I slowly grasped the meaning of her words. 'Why?Why did you suddenly decide to...???' I changed my question halfway through. 'This is for you.You should go to rest your mind and forget all your problem.We're not coming with you because this is your privacy.I'm cried and really touched. 'Thanks...I don't know what to say?'.I took my pasport and packed all my stuff.

Hong Kong Disneyland...Here i come!!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009


I can't forget how amazing my birthday last month when i've been surprised by Faizal,Nana,Fadh,Terica,Arep,Ejatt,Arull,Acap & Cha'i.OMG!!!Its the only words came out from my mouth.Faizal bought an ice cream cake for me with 22 pink roses.So romantic!!!Then we ate Fish & Chips,took a photo and go-cart.The funny part is when i drove a go-cart with my long dress.Hahaha...But,i don't care what people want to say about me because i don't want to spoilt my BIG DAY.
Anyway,my birthday surprise was really wonderful!!I'm so glad (Nana,Fadh,Terica,Arep,Ejatt,Arull,Acap & Cha'i) could share it.To my FAIZAL,thanks for the surprised,ice cream cake,roses,card & Coach(i wished that end of this year i want to buy a coach handbag-madison's edition but,you already gave me...=))Love you so much and i really appreciate what you have done for me..