Saturday, November 21, 2009


She is my beloved bestfriend.Im really miss her because since she worked as a TUTOR at Poly Perlis, we have no time to hangout together.If she at JB, we will go to CS or somewhere else to talk,shopping or eat.Usually, we will talk about our problem or gossip!!!Hahaha...Girl love to gossip.She always heard about my problem.We have a same attitude but, she quite polite than me.Hahaha...We loves to share about everything and if you want to know..She loves fashion and she will gave opinion if i wore the bad clothes or the clothes is not matched with me.She will never wore sneakers because she hated it.OMG!!!if i wore sneaker,she will asked me to changed because looked liked we are not balance.Yap!!!Very girlish girl out with sporty girl...
I really miss you dear..

Friday, November 20, 2009


Thank god that i found you..this is the best word that i can said to you.Im so glad that you are mine because after im lost in my own world, you come to my life to protected me.Im still remember our first sight.Its really funny when you are so polite and im scared to talked with you.But, now after almost 7 years we are together..many thing that we learn each other.Started from zero until now, you will heard all my story,problem even sometimes you heard 2 times.

Dear Faizal,

If one day we are not together...Im just want you to know that im so proud with you.Im so happy when your parents make me liked their daughter.My mom really right about you dear. She said that you are the good person when the first time she saw you.But, im try to be pretend because i don wanted to cried once again.Alhamdulillah, you can accepted myself,my family and my world.Im so lucky because we can go out without hide our relationship from family and our sibling can join to watched the movie or holiday.IM SO LUCKY RIGHT???


On 16 october Cik Fara officially become to Pn.Fara to her husband,Abg Azrul with sekali lafaz.Congrats!!!.Im so happy likes im the bride...Hihihihi.Just kidding.The wedding is really hilarious with the colour.All the family members wore orange and turqouise.This is some of the picture at KL but, at JB side still in my camera.
bride & groom

me & faizal

my family

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Yesterday, i bought my new laptop after my ACER can be a 'KHAZANAH MUZIUM'.
GOSH!! trust me, u cant believed it because my ACER can turn 360'.I cant heard voice without speaker and the horror part is when my laptop screen cant stand.I must used my pillow or the wall to support it.Hahahaha...can u imagine???Really horror right?
I bought VAIO VPCW115XG.The colour??Of course PINK my dear.But, this is a fuchsia pink not the soft pink.
Because the colour make me going crazy..thats why i just bought without asked salesman about the girlish laptop=RAM,hard disk,webcam..I just said' i want to buy this laptop.PINK colour plz'.
OMG!PINK colour can do anything for me.This is all about pink.